Jim Cathcart CSP, CPAE

Jim Cathcart is a world-leading Sales & Marketing Expert who was inducted into the International Sales & Marketing Hall of Fame in 2012. One of the Top 50 Sales Influencers of 2014.

The author of 16 books including 2 international bestsellers: The Acorn Principle™ & Relationship Selling™. Creator of the Cathcart Institute eLearning Suite, an online academy for business success.

The man who popularized the concept of “Relationship Selling™” and wrote the first book by that title.

One of the top 1% of professional speakers in the world: Voted “Top 5 Sales Speaker” for 5 years in a row 2010-2014, Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), Hall of Fame Speaker (CPAE), past president of the National Speakers Association and recipient of the Toastmasters Golden Gavel and The Cavett Award.

A self-made success. Jim started out as an out-of-shape, overweight clerk with no credentials, no connections and no money. He learned to succeed step-by-step over many years and now he has a world-wide following of protege’s and clients who have also succeeded by following Jim’s guidance. Join them and let’s discover how much more successful YOU can be!

The Purpose of Life is Living…REALLY LIVING! Stop accepting your limitations.

Build the confidence and skills to live the life you were designed to live.

The main challenge of leadership is not a skills challenge; it is a motivation challenge. Getting people to want to do what needs to be done. That is the main job of a leader.

In Sales: It’s not product knowledge nor price negotiation that builds sales success. Those are helpful but the ‘killer app’ in sales success is DRIVE! It is the motivation to make the calls, face the resistance, generate the energy and enthusiasm; that is what causes people to buy.

We all want to do better in some way. It may be more success, more money, more support, more fitness and health, more happiness, or more peace of mind. The nature of life is advancement. Let Jim Cathcart show you how to get it. This site is filled with resources, many of them free, to help you grow your success. Thank you for coming, now let’s explore what you need.